Transmission Repair

Transmission Repair In Belgrade, MT


The transmission is responsible for directing your vehicle forward and backward, and in manual cars, controlling the engine's RPM. That's no small job, which is why this important vehicle system needs to be serviced regularly, but not by just anyone. Not all auto shops have the tools and training to provide truly valuable and effective transmission repairs.

At Vallise Automotive Group, we can provide the repairs your transmission needs. Our experienced technicians and service advisors help you find the right services for your transmission and the costs that go with it. And we share everything upfront so that you aren't caught off guard. Using high-quality equipment and materials, we boost or restore transmission performance in all makes and models. Visit us in Belgrade, Montana, and see how we can bring the best out of your transmission.


At Vallise Automotive Group, we take a lot of pride in not just providing quality, affordable auto care. We're also proud of our ability to educate our customers. We want you to know when your transmission is performing well, when it's worn, and when it's failing. Knowing this information gives you additional methods to protect your car and its overall performance. Not sure if your transmission needs service? Here are a few common warning signs that lets you know it's time for service:

    • Sudden Jolt -- have you ever felt your vehicle jolt forward after shifting from reverse to forward? If so, that's a sign that something is wrong within your transmission system. Along with being frustrating, the issue can also lead to additional damage, so make sure to visit a professional soon.
    • Delayed Lock -- when you place your car in park, the transmission should quickly lock gears and keep your vehicle still. If you notice the vehicle creeping forward after putting it in park, that's another sign that the transmission is in trouble. Make sure you have it fixed soon, as this can lead to additional damage to the system.


Your transmission system is a critical part of your vehicle, and any issues with it can quickly disrupt your driving experience and even place you in danger. If you suspect anything is wrong with your transmission, schedule your service with Vallise Automotive Group, the trusted transmission service experts in Belgrade, Montana. Our experienced technicians utilize quality materials as well as their extensive experience to provide a high-quality result, all at a cost that's affordable for your budget. Whether you need the fluid flushed or the system rebuilt, know that we have you covered.

For all your transmission service needs, reach out to our team by giving us a call at (406) 306-7084 or by visiting us on 50 Sundown Meadow Road. We'd be more than welcome to help you repair whatever problem is plaguing your transmission.