Driveline Repair & Maintenance

Driveline Repair In Belgrade, MT


When you think about the power and performance of your vehicle, one of the things you likely won’t think about is the driveline. Responsible for directing power to the wheels, it’s part of why your car can move. At Vallise Automotive Group, we can help ensure your car keeps moving as designed. Our professional automotive technicians carry extensive knowledge on the various drivelines available and can perform the necessary services to ensure your car powers ahead reliably. Whether you’re driving a truck with AWD or your sedan has FWD, know that our team can get the job done.


If you aren’t sure what a driveline is, take comfort knowing that you aren’t the only one. In fact, most casual vehicle owners aren’t familiar with the driveline at all -- until a problem starts to occur. At Vallise Automotive Group, we’re big on educating our customers, because we want them to know how to maintain and protect their vehicle. In our eyes, the more you know, the likelier you are to drive a quality performing vehicle.

A driveline helps transfer power from the engine and transmission into the wheels. It’s why the wheels can rotate forward and backward, so if the driveline starts to experience any issues, your car isn’t going anywhere. There are four types of drivelines that are available for vehicles, all of which you’ve likely heard of:

    • All Wheel Drive (AWD)

    • Four-Wheel Drive (4WD)

    • Front-Wheel Drive (FWD)

    • Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD)


Without the driveline, the power your engine creates wouldn’t be able to transfer to the wheels, leaving your car useless. Make sure your vehicle is utilizing the full power of your engine and schedule a driveline repair service with Vallise Automotive Group in Belgrade, Montana. We’ll help identify what may be wrong with your driveline and provide the necessary services, all at a rate that’s affordable for your budget. Schedule a driveline repair service today by giving us a call at (406) 306-7084 or by visiting us on 50 Sundown Meadow Road. We’d love to help you find the services that’ll realistic for your budget and beneficial for your vehicle, and we can’t wait to work with you.